Squall is (not) an emo

Okay! As an avid Final Fantasy VIII fan I feel like I have to clear some of the douchified air surrounding the main protagonist: Squall Leonhart. I’m not about to go all “leeeavee Squall aloooooone” on you guys however….I feel like the hero of VIII just cops too much flack for the type of character he is, and we can probably blame how the media has shaped our current society for that.

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Yeeap the Final fantasy sky bookset is awesome.

My second edition book set finally came in yesterday, whooohoo! If you’re a fan of Amano’s official artwork than this book set is definitely a must-have in your FF collection! The artwork is gorgeous…consisting of artwork from the first final fantasy up to ten, complied into 3 books. You’re definitely going to be paying your money’s worth with over 500 pages of awesome artwork! I attached some pictures as examples of the awesomeness. Enjoy, Kupo!



Hey kupos!


Hiya Kupos!

So obviously right now this blog is as bare as a dead t-rexaur’s bones…but I hope that in the future I will be able to fill this blog with lots of Final fantasy inspired content including: opinion posts, artwork, fanfics, moomba appreciation…etc

Although my specialty is FFVIII, I have also played IV – XIII-2 and also alllll the tactics spinoffs along with dissidia 1&2 and various other spin-off titles too (crystal chronicles, four heroes of light…etc)

SO although there is nothing to see here at the moment, I hope you will enjoy me when I create new content for this blog (which should be soon)!

So until then, bye Kupos! :3