Top 10 badass final fantasy heroines!

Gosh, this was a difficult post to make, especially trying to condense this list into only 10 heroines šŸ˜¦
So anyway, this is my personal top 10 list of baddass final fantasy females! Now not only does this list consist of females that can kick butt, but I’ve included attitude as well because…c’mon kicking butt is only 50% of baddassery, the way you present yourself is everything else…

WARNING: There will be spoilers! (Just putting that out there)

10. Lulu (Final fantasy X)

If you think playing with dolls are for pansies you’re dead wrong. Lulu isn’t particularly physically strong (well I guess she could be depending where you went with her on the sphere grid) but Lulu doesn’t need physical strength when she has the immense power of magic on her side. Just by looking at her, Lulu screams ‘black mage’ from her amazing attire to the intricate way her hair is styled, she mixes darkness with elegance perfectly. Not only is Lulu an experienced battle hardened guardian, she (along with Auron) is probably one of the wisest and level-headed guardian out of the FFX crew. A word of caution, just don’t make this dark mage angry, her temper is just as quick as her spells….even so, Lulu definitely secures her spot on the list for being a baddass heroine.

09. Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy VIII)

Quistis has it all: brains, beauty and brawn! Quistis is one of those child prodigies whom has just as much finesse on the field as she does in her books. SeeD by 15 and instructor by 18, that’s pretty impressive. Her main weapon of choice is a chain whip (already baddass) and before Kimahri was using monster abilities for his overdrive, Quistis was doing it through her limit breaks. If you’ve played final fantasy VIII you know just by using any of her acquired limit breaks, Quistis is a force to be reckoned with. Have I also mentioned that……..

Honestly I felt like giving her #1 just for that, buuuttt there is more to being a baddass than shooting lasers (if you can believe that). I actually feel pretty bad for Quistis considering that many people forget her when talking about other awesome heroines, how many heroines can you think of that has saved the main hero of a game by using a machine gun against a giant mechanical spider?
Yeaap, thought so.

08. Fran (Final fantasy XII)
When one mentions ‘bunny girl’ baddassery isn’t usually the first thought that comes to mind, this is one bunny girl that you probably wouldn’t want to mess with. Ever.

Strength, grace, intellect, agility, the ability to read the mist and with a title of “Master of weapons” it’s pretty hard not to see how baddass this bunny girl is. Or maybe I should say ‘bunny woman’ considering she’s over 50 years old! Not only does she look amazing for her age (which is probably not that old for a Viera, but still…) Fran even takes care of the maintenance of the Strahl (yeap, her partner’s airship). Now top all that off with a cool, calm and collected attitude, you’ve got one serious baddass! Go Fran!

07. Beatrix (Final fantasy IX)

She has an eye-patch. Can’t get much more baddass than that, amirite? Honestly I don’t know why more FF females aren’t embracing the eye-patch, it’s pretty darn cool.
Okay…Okay…Even though Beatrix isn’t a main playable character (she’s a temp character actually), she is totally deserving of the baddass title. Not only is she the top female general of the all-female army of Alexandria (woot girl power!) she is also respected all over the world as one of the greatest warriors e v e r…known as the “best swordsman in the continent” which is not a bad set of achievements for a woman in her late 20’s! Confidence, strength, beauty and a born leader, Beatrix is totally baddass!

Also a master of 'trash talking'!

Also a master of ‘trash talking’!

06. Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)

Like a few other final fantasy heroes, Rydia has a sad back-story. Her mother died whilst Rydia was still very young, defending their village in the form of the Mist dragon eidolon. Losing her mother at a young age and watching her village burn to the ground, instilled a phobia of fire in her. However! Through the terrible experiences she faced as a child taught her to become stronger, independent and wise beyond her years, turning her into a character with one of the strongest presences (along with Cecil) in the game.

We also can’t forget how powerful a summoner she is and that she is the first summoner with a focus on black magic rather than white magic. Awesome!

05. Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII)
(Uh ohhhh….I can already hear the FFVII fans booing because she isn’t first. Sorry!)

Anyway, love her or hate her…just kidding, everybody loves boobs Tifa! Arguably the most famous and adored final fantasy female, she is the pinup girl for all things final fantasy and feminine in gaming. Tifa is as baddass as she is beautiful and not only is she an awesome martial artist, AVALANCHE member and a great businesswoman BUT she’s also a mother figure….to afflicted orphans (yup, she’s a saint too)!

When this working class woman isn’t looking after children, running a bar, sorting out the finances for ‘Cloud’s delivery service’ or kicking fiends on the field, she’s also Cloud’s emotional support pillar. His rock. His light…etc etc. Not only has she saved Cloud a bunch of times (to be fair he saved her a bunch of times too), she manages to do all these things while juggling her feelings for him šŸ˜¦Ā  Cloud can be kind of dense at times, and Tifa is awkward when trying to reveal her feelings to him, this can result in all sorts of frustration but she handles herself like a pro and always puts the needs of others before her own, and that’s why we love you Tifa!

04. Faris (Final fantasy V)


She’s not just a princess…but a pirate captain! A Pirate princess! No need to explain how baddass that is, right?

You’ve got to hand it to her, Faris is just not like any of the other final fantasy gals, Faris is so caught-up in being a baddass pirate initially even she forgets that she’s a woman sometimes. Being brought up by pirates as a male, you can forget about expecting any sort of politeness or cuteness from her but considering her upbringing she definitely knows her way around a fight and a pint of ale! Now how many FF princesses do you know that are like that?

Faris is a unique character which doesn’t stick to many particular gender roles, she’s rude, brash, impatient and rough spoken but at the same time also: brave, determined, strong-willed and has amazing leadership qualities. In combat Faris is also a jack-of-all-trades, in which she can be an awesome warrior or an awesome spell caster. There should really be more baddass princesses like Faris, who else agrees?

03. Lightning (Final fantasy XIII)

Words don’t need to be spoken when explaining why Lightning is baddass, she’s pretty much the female embodiment of baddass…which is what Square was going for when designing her character for XIII. Unfortunately, Lightning cops a bit of flack due to anti-fans of Final fantasy XIII which usually criticize the game for being too linear compared to other titles in the series (but that’s a whooole other rant). While she is dubbed the ‘female Cloud’ of the series, I honestly think she’s more like Squall (personality-wise). She even uses a gunblade!

Lightning (along with many others) had a sad childhood, her father died when she was young and her mother died of an unknown illness when she was 15. The death of her parents motivated Lightning to mature far beyond her years in order to take care and look out for her younger sister Serah. Upon graduation from highschool, Lightning joined the Guardian Corps Bodhum Security Regiment and quickly rose amongst the ranks becoming a sergeant. Pretty amazing, right?

Not only does Lightning have physical prowess with a multitude of weapons, the way she executes battle is so seamless and fluid. Rather than just wielding weapons, it’s like the weapons are part of her. Pair that off with her striking appearance, strawberry blonde hair and ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’, Lightning is probably one of the coolest main heroines ever! Not to mention in Lightning returns, she’s basically the messiah “tasked with guiding the souls of humanity to the new world that will replace Nova Chrysalia”(Final fantasy

Do you have a minute to talk about our savior, Lightning Farron?

Do you have a moment to talk about our savior, Lightning Farron?

….So basically she’s a pink-haired Jesus.

02. Terra Branford (Final fantasy VI)


Terra/Tina missed out on the #1 spot, but that doesn’t make her any less valuable on this list. Now, for those of you that haven’t played FFVI…..what’re you doing here? Go play, right NOW because you will not regret it!


OK, played it yet? You have? Good! Let’s continue!

Terra starts off as a very confused, fragile and naive young woman….and who could blame her? A magitech elite soldier used by the empire, manipulated through a slave crown controlled by a psycho clown general? I’d probably develop amnesia too, going through all that trauma (Kefka is one scary motherfucker). Not only that, but Terra isn’t your average 18yo either, she’s a hybrid: half human and half esper, can’t get more exotic than that. Throughout the game, as Terra matures she begins to constantly question her own existence, emotions (or lack of), whether she was actually human or what it means to be human…as if the angst of her teenage years wasn’t enough! Terra eventually gains the strength to stand on her own two feet and when she does she is now able to control her immense power (in which she was too afraid to embrace before), she then uses this power to fight back at the empire and help save the world! Now that’s a great hero.

Now to the badassery! As mentioned before, Terra is crazy powerful. She is one of the divinely gifted as she is one of the very few who can naturally cast magic, pair this off with the fact that she can morph into an esper when in trance mode (also doubling her stats for a limited time) and she can most definitely wreck havoc on her opponents.

A fabulous esper

A fabulous esper

Similarly to Faris, she has many options available, battle-wise. Terra can be a decent physical attacker, powerful mage and a great healer. Terra’s an all-round great character strength and personality-wise and that’s why she’s #2 on the baddass list.

Did I mention she loves moogles too...? You're welcome on my site anytime Terra!

Did I mention she loves moogles too…? You’re welcome on this site anytime Terra!


*Honorable mentions time* (In no particular order)

Yuna, Rikku and Paine (Final fantasy X, X-2)

Rinoa Heartilly (Final fantasy VIII)


Garnet/Dagger (Final fantasy IX)

Yuffie Kisaragi (Final fantasy VII)

Maria (Final fantasy II)

Fang (Final fantasy XIII)

Ashe (Final fantasy XII)

*Back to the list*

01. Celes Chere (Final fantasy VI)

Celes chere

There you have it! My number 1 baddass Final fantasy heroine is Celes Chere!

Beauty, grace, strength, just, independent, intelligent, proud and an amazing singer! Once a revered magitech knight she became one of the top generals of the empire, however realizing the empire’s evil and unsavory motives, her strong sense of justice caused her to cut ties with the empire, abandoning her position as general and in turn almost her life, narrowly escaping execution for her transgressions against the empire. A free-thinker with strong sense of justice, Celes is not swayed by anything once she is motivated to serve justice, and she’s proud of it. While she appears to be morally perfect, Celes does have a single, burning flaw…

…her love for Locke. Despite repeating that she does not need love in her life, she ends up finding herself deeply falling for Locke: her initial rescuer. She contemplates her feelings for him many times during the course of the game and fears that she may serve only as a replacement for Locke’s past lover Rachel (to put it simply she’s afraid to be the rebound girl). It is moments like these throughout the game that players begin to feel Celes’s human traits, in which she isn’t totally perfect and has similar fears and worries that we can relate through similar experiences that we may have had.

Probably one of the most memorable parts of the game is when Celes is forced to take the identity of a beautiful opera singer, although she has never participated in an opera before in her entire life…she nails it! It is also possibly one of the most moving scenes ever witnessed in all 16-bit history. Ever.

Now if her morally-awesomeness and amazing opera skills isn’t enough badassery for you….there’s more! Like Terra, Celes is one of gifted beings that can cast magic without the aid of magicite. She is a tempest on the battlefield, specializing in blizzard attack magic and status effect magic, contrasting terra’s fire attack magic and healing magic. And to top it off, how many heroines do you know that just flat-out stabs the main villain? A really scary clown villain. Think about that.



Celes’s amazing personality, unique character flaws and sheer awesomeness makes her my #1 Badass Final fantasy heroine! Agree? Disagree? Let me know. No flaming though! Make your own list in the comments =]

14 thoughts on “Top 10 badass final fantasy heroines!

    • Fang is definitely badass! I rather liked Selphie though, keeping her at low health and spamming aura on the whole party with her slots while Squall guards and takes damage for her, early in the game. Was fun lool

      • She never did “The End”. Ever. Saw it on YouTube. Never saw it actually happen for me. I gave up after 15 minutes of trying.

        All I’m saying is, you know someone’s badass if they’re the main damage dealer in your party, I don’t think Fang really had an emotional breakdown at any point as well to my memory in comparison to the other heroines, but it has been ages since I played XIII!

      • Seriously?? I got the ‘the end’ at least over 50 times, over 3 play-throughs! Maybe you just got unlucky? :/

        Been ages since I played XIII too, so I can’t really say for sure? Though I vaguely remember Fang freaking out over something happening to Vanille..?

      • …Or maybe Selphie hates me back. Which is fair enough. God, I’ve never despised a fictional game character so much before…

        Ah yes! You’re right, that’s still ok to me. At least she wasn’t a wreck because of love for a guy or something. Vanille slightly annoys me too, but she has a dope summon so she’s tolerable.

      • puahaha fair enough xD

        Yeap, true that! I still cant process when people say that Vanille is supposed to be Australian though? She’s like the least Australian Australian I’ve ever seen lol

      • Fang’s pretty Australian to me! Vanille just seems like a character who’s constantly on psychedelic drugs and has a broken brain because of it.

  1. I approve this list, these gals were totally kick butt in their respective game!
    And while Tifa is my favourite gal I respect yer decission of placing her in 5th and in fact Im happy she made it to the list šŸ˜›

    • Thankyou buddy! And dw Tifa will always be special in my heart >.<" If I made my own personal favorite lists, she'd be waaay higher than 5th place =]

  2. I’d have put Celes in second and Terra first, but that’s cause I find Terra’s struggles with identity and finding herself to be a true testament to her being badass, not only her powers and such. Celes has her own trials and tribulations, however she didn’t live the first 18 years of her life not knowing herself and then in a mad rush have to find herself, become a living death machine and ultimately survive her own extinction by finding her place in the world.

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