Final fantasy XIII: The good, the bad and the annoying.


Yup, there’s no doubting that this game in itself is controversial. While FFXIII has a large fan-base, it arguably has haters which seem to be just as large. While some believe the haters are a very (very, very, very) vocal minority, I believe that the ratio of fans to haters are 1:1, 50/50…whatever, depending on which sequel the haters fluctuate, but I’m talking/writing/ranting about the first one! The one that started it all! The one where Lightning is actually the main heroine! Final Fantasy XIII!
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Top 10 badass final fantasy heroines!

Gosh, this was a difficult post to make, especially trying to condense this list into only 10 heroines 😦
So anyway, this is my personal top 10 list of baddass final fantasy females! Now not only does this list consist of females that can kick butt, but I’ve included attitude as well because…c’mon kicking butt is only 50% of baddassery, the way you present yourself is everything else…

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